Instore only specials until end of day August 27th

Posted by Kim Chevalier on 8/24/2017 to Specials
This time we've done something for those who visit the brick and mortar store.  Our web store continues to grow, but we have some incentives this time for those who visit the physical store in Dundas

The specials are in effect until store closing on Sunday August 27th or while supplies last.  Availability subject to change without notice.  No rainchecks

We've had a couple of folks come in asking if we are going out of business, saying that they heard it on the street.  Not true at all.

Our business is changing, driven by competition and how people buy.  We are moving our food sales to the web, and reducing the food inventory in the physical store to allow more space for our custom clothing, embroidery and accessories.  You've already seen our innovative full and half case specials, but that's just the start of our evolution to serve you better.

Walker's 6 pack Cheese & Onion crisps     Regular $6.95     Now $5.00 ea
Dairy Milk Standard Chocolate bar 45g     Regular $1.99     Now $1.25 ea
Dairy Milk Standard Wholenut 45g          Regular $1.99     Now $1.25 ea
Fry's Turkish Delight 51g                 Regular $1.99     Now $1.25 ea
Fry's Peppermint Cream 49g                Regular $1.99     Now $1.25 ea
Fry's Chocolate Cream 49g                 Regular $1.99     Now $1.25 ea.
Cadbury Drinking Chocolate 250g           Regular $5.49     Now $4.75 ea.
Batchelor's Mushy Peas Original 300g      Regular $2.45     Now $1.25 ea.
Batchelor's Mushy Peas Chip Shop 300g     Regular $2.45     Now $1.25 ea.
Batchelor's Marrowfat Peas 300g           Regular $2.50     Now $1.35 ea.
HP Sauce 255g                             Regular $4.45     Now $2.75 ea.
Hayward's Traditional Onions 400g         Regular $6.90     Now $5.00 ea.
Vegemite 220g                             Regular $9.55     Now $7.85 ea.
Golden Fry Yorkshire Pudding Mix 142g     Regular $3.20     Now $1.75 ea
Simpkins Butterscotch Mints 200g          Regular $4.80     Now $3.25 ea.
Simpkins Lemon/Sour Cherry 200g           Regular $4.80     Now $3.25 ea.
Simpkins Mixed Fruit Sugar Free 1.75g     Regular $4.80     Now $3.25 ea.
Simpkins Barley Sugar 200g                Regular $4.80     Now $3.25 ea.